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Blog Articles: Renters Insurance 101

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Just a few quick tips on renters insurance:

First, it’s a lot cheaper than you may think! The average cost of renter’s insurance throughout the nation is between $12 - $15 per month, that’s about the price of ordering 1 pizza per month. This is an awfully cheap safeguard compared to the cost of replacing everything in your apartment due to a natural disaster, fire, water damage, or theft.

Did you know that valuable personal belongings are not covered by your landlord in the event of a disaster?  Don’t worry. You’ll be happy to learn that a renter’s insurance policy is specifically designed to protect you the renter from that exact scenario and provide insurance coverage for your personal belongings.

What type of disasters would renter’s insurance protect me against?

· Water Damage

· Wind & Smoke Damage

· Fire & Lightning Strikes

· Electrical Surges & Explosions

· Theft, Vandalism, Robbery

· Tornados, Hurricanes, High Winds, Floods (Disasters caused by Mother Nature)

If a disaster were to ever hit your dwelling and make it unlivable, your policy would cover a temporary living arrangement, such as a hotel or motel.

You can opt to purchase additional insurance (outside of disasters and theft) which covers someone that may injure him/herself at your home. Depending on the policy, your renter’s coverage would cover the claimant’s medical bills and any potential lawsuit stemming from the incident (note: coverage amounts vary and contain specific maximum payouts depending on the policy coverage you choose).

An unexpected benefit of renter’s insurance most people don’t know about, is that your personal belongings are covered even if outside and away from your apartment. Example, if you ride your bike to work or school, and someone stole it from either location, your bike would be covered. In-a-nutshell, your insured belongings are covered even when you take them out of your apartment.

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